Review : Dear Caroline – ‘I Still Taste Blood’

Dear Caroline’s newest offering might not click with you immediately, but with persistence and an open mind, you begin to realise that this is a band who are a unique up-and-coming talent with a trajectory aiming at the stars. 

I didn’t quite click with ‘I Still Taste Blood’ on first listen, I must admit, but when I sit down to write these reviews, you can’t base your opinion on one spin round. In the last week, Dear Caroline have made their way onto my favourite Spotify artists, and this song is the reason why.


These husky, growled vocals, full of anger, rage, and distain, are awkward and frustrating, but brilliantly executed at the same time. That shouldn’t work, but Dear Caroline make it work, and I can’t give enough credit for that decision. The song builds around them, from persistent acoustic guitar, to swelling drums and bass, all concluding in an altogether dark and frightening crescendo, and then you realise that these vocals are exactly what this song needs. They are wholly unique, emotive, and one of the reasons that I keep going back to the band day-in-day-out. 

This is a new kind of animal when it comes to the vaguest of vague terms ‘Indie’, and it is exactly what the genre needs. Being an indie band now requires inventiveness, and Dear Caroline have bags of it to spare. It’s a singalong, but by no means is this a flowery summer anthem. No, this is a song that brings your emotions to the forefront over a cold and rainy winter, and makes you realise that channelling the mismatch of thoughts in your head into music can produce something truly exciting. Exciting, and dark as hell. Bye for now, I’m off to give it another once-round. 

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