Review : Delphina Kings – Electric

As a great man once said… I’ve got chills, and they are most certainly multiplying because Delphina King’s new single is Electric.

Debuting on December 1st, in a word, this song is wonderful. Not wanting to do any barnstorming, ‘Electric’ is so much fun to get down and dance to any time, any where. I could easily see this being right home alongside Don Broco and Queens of the Stoneage playing at a bar to get people in the mood for a great night out of drinking and partying.

With bass that could easily soundtrack a fast drive down a country road on a summer’s evening, the song immediately had me hooked, I wanted to stick it on a loop just from hearing the opening moments. The bass was no doubt my favourite part of this little beast of a song, with its buzzing and upbeat jazzy rhythm.

But the guitar isn’t lacking here, though it almost feels like its backing up the song more than the bass, the role reversal may just be my romance for bass, but it certainly feels like it isn’t leading the song. Not that its bad, it sings away and keeps up with the roadrunner pace like its nothing, playing its role in a solid track.

The vocals feel a little dreamy and may not be to everybody’s taste, but I did enjoy the lightness, with not a harsh note in sight (ear shot?). My word for it would be drifty, because I can’t think of a better word to describe it.

Lets talk about the drums and the very light synth & electro effects. The drums sit off in the back and do their part of holding the song together, providing a consistent undercurrent carrying the groove. I honestly can’t say much more than that, they’re good and keep things rolling.

In a song called Electric, how could you resist adding a little synth or electro flair? Answer; it’d be an injustice not to.

It’s there though, layered right off as ambient noise, adding to that fever dream feel of the song.

Give this one a look all the electro fans and alt rock fans alike. Chris, Andy and Pete, give yourselves a pat on the back.

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