Review : Dr. Mindflip – Roominations: An Unauthorised Parody.

Let me just say that this record is definitely the weirdest album I’ve listened to in the last year, but in no way is that a bad thing. It’s something different and something I have never heard before. Dr. Mindflip have created a concept album based on the infamously bad B movie The Room, it’s cheesy, trippy, jazzy and I love it.

As soon as the first track is turned on the listener is greeted with a narrative description of Tommy, main protagonist in The Room – sweet piano melodies and bitter vocals follow with additions of a trippy organ and saxophones. At times haunting and at times spectacular. This album is just one that a person has to experience for themselves, get fully invested into the concept and simply hope for the best! (And for added fun play a drinking game to The Room after you’ve listened.)

It’s fair to say that inspiration has definitely been taken from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, throughout the extended jams of drums, organs and crazy saxophone I started to feel a Rogers, Gilmour vibe. Definitely something I was used to but considering how original this concept is I wasn’t mad.

I won’t say that this is the best experimental psych/jazz album I’ve listened to this year, but after a few listens this album vastly grew on me and I just started to love the whole idea. If you have the time then please get to BandCamp or SoundCloud and have a listen to this weirdly wonderful concept album.

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