Review : Emily Jane ‘Oh Harry’

A heart-warming musical tale, told by Emily Jane, is so pleasant on the ear that I felt like I was sleeping in a hammock under the cool shade of a palm tree.

Yet, the seemingly sad meaning behind the song is a surprising and remarkable juxtaposition, given the quirky sound of the music which provides a more cheerful, enlightening experience.

The consistent synth sound which kicks in straight away as the intro made me feel like I was in a pinball machine. The soft vocals of Emily Jane create spring meadow-like fantasies within the mind.

Unfortunately, I just don’t think the song has a big punch to it. It doesn’t seem to go anywhere, and I feel like it should. I know not every song has to have a moment of climax and some songs do just flow on at the same level, as this one does, and it definitely sounds good, with its floaty melody and modern sound. But I reckon this would be rated as a great song if it had some extra spice to it.

It doesn’t have a catchy part; a memorable riff or sing-along chorus would boost this tune massively. Although, I think the fact her voice drops lower at times during the chorus brings an intriguing sound to it. It’s unexpected, and made me think ‘OH, wow’.

This song combines feelings of romance and the more negative side of being young in the modern day, which seems reflective of Emily Jane’s relative youth. Interestingly, Emily seems capable of taking aspects of chart hits and putting a special twist on it, creating a sound which isn’t the norm.

This treads the fine line between ‘ok’ and ‘great’, but hints at an exciting future.

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