Review : Fick as Fieves – Drift End

We’ve all got that one friend who always chooses to cross at red, drives a little bit too fast down the parkway, and always manages to drag you into THAT pub/club/1-star-hygiene rated fast food establishment… right?

What I’m trying to say is that Fick As Fieves are pretty much the musical embodiment of THAT friend.

Their new EP ‘Drift End’ is one that feels a bit naughty. It’s got a cheeky feel about it, like something you’d find craftily recorded over a ‘bedtime stories for 10 year olds’ cassette at the bottom of a 1990s time capsule. It’s very ‘garage.’

The vibes that I got from the EP immediately after hitting play were UK does skate rock, crossed with all that makes the current indie scene exciting. The songs also seem to have this rawness and upbeat tempo that you’d usually associate with 70s/80s punk.

My favourite song of the lot has got to be ‘COL.’ I think that the tempo in the lyrics as well as the bouncy rhythm of the song are both excellent, it’s exciting, fun, and straightforward. You’ll either get it and love it, or you won’t.

Another golden tune is ‘Same Story,’ which has some fantastic bluesy vibes with the breaks and one hell of a speedy tempo.

Lyrically, the songs are very strong. The words are witty, poetic and humorous. These are backed up well by the fantastic vocals, in turn supported by the brilliant musicianship in the songs.

Despite the controversial, punky sound that the EP isn’t scared to throw at you, it was definitely to my taste. It’s got colour, it’s not all doom and gloom and it’s certainly not something that’ll bore you easily.

There’s a kind of bravery that comes with producing music like this, music that can’t find its home within just one genre, that won’t be to EVERYONE’S taste. Drift End is a collection of songs that will sweep you off your feet, if not with instant love then with spirit. The whole EP is worth adding to your playlists to add some energy to the remainder of the bleak, British summer.

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