Review : Flatlands ‘Friday Night’

Friday Night is what some might call a ‘certified banger’. British beyond belief, Flatlands are 4 lads hailing from Oxford with a debut EP, ‘Provisional License’ under their belts already.

‘Friday Night’ is a track with the pace of a punk anthem yet smothered with indie sensibilities. It bounces off the walls from start to finish, with vocalist Tom Keogh keeping up the blistering pace of the drums and guitar. Drawing some sound from Arctic Monkeys and what I’d like to think of as ‘Sex Pistols Lite’, maybe its the accent but my god does it sound like Johnny Rotten if only he had a better voice.

Don’t take that as a knock against Tom’s vocals though, I absolutely adore the sound that Flatlands are bringing. The screeching and high flying guitars that don’t overbear on the rest of the song, and the drums sound like a crack induced Duracell Bunny is behind the kit. A sweet mix of rhythm guitar and bass level out the track.

The track is absolutely party magic, without a doubt one that’ll kick up a stir at a house party or an indie rock gig. Give The Flatlands a look, for it doesn’t matter whether the genre I’ve attempted to describe is your cup of tea, they knocked me dead with this one. Eyes peeled for these lads across the South and I’m hoping soon, the North.

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