Review : Frazer – Something I Need

Something I Need is the debut single from indie five-piece Frazer, but unfortunately for this Sheffield group, the track really doesn’t offer much to get excited about.

Though a professional and technically sound track, Frazer are just the latest bunch to be added to the list of derivative pop-indie-rock bands whose virtues don’t seem to extend much further beyond the fact that they’re Northern, and can copy whatever band might currently be trendy.

Whilst the ease at which the chorus can be belted out might be enough to convert some, and the jangle of a harmonising guitar line could win over less discerning crowds, there’s no getting away from the fact that the group lack their own characteristic sound, instead choosing to rely on people’s familiarity with bands such as the Arctic Monkeys or The Courteeners.

For all the praise Frazer have garnered for their “electric” live shows, the track feels a little too by the book; for a band seeking to carve out their own path, distilling this live energy into their recordings would bring a valuable edge to counteract the blandness.

Something I Need is a track that suffers in its stunted ambition and contentedness to merely be serviceable. In its inoffensiveness it offends, and in its mediocrity it sags under the bands’ potential to be so much better – and for their future music, I really hope they are.

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