Review : FREESPIRITS – Superstar

FREESPIRITS are a up and coming rocknroll band from the West midlands area who claim to have the attitude to ‘bring back guitar music to the top of the charts.’

When listening to their latest single, ‘Superstar,’ produced by David Scott, I certainly got a sense of a great attitude and musicianship alike. It’s a very 90s track, taking self proclaimed influence from bands such as Oasis and Nirvana.

I definitely think their heart is in the right place with this track, it plays around with all the great aspects of britpop with a bit of wacky psychedelia thrown into the mix.

I’m a killer for the raw sound, I like to feel like I’m in the same room as the band. The natural ring of the guitar, the up-close and personal vocals that haven’t been played with beyond recognition. It’s a great vibe. When listening to Superstar, I didn’t get that same sense of excitement. Sure, it’s got the potential and ace craftsmanship of a great rocknroll tune, but part of me thinks that some aspects may have been a little overproduced. Obviously, this is not a flaw of the song, just an aspect that sways my personal opinion.

The band are heading back to the studio to work on their second LP, due in late 2018. These guys have some great potential and a great attitude to bringing back guitar music.

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