Review : Glue – Colour Black

Manchester blues four piece Glue are a band that already seem incredibly comfortable in their own skin given that their single, Colour Black is their first foray into a competitive indie scene.

It can be all too easy for new bands to try and pander for your approval with eye-catching shows and bold, attention-grabbing singles but its refreshing to see Glue just go about their business with an understated, yet self-assured confidence. This quiet confidence translates into the group’s sound as in spite of the clear influences in their brand of blues-tinged indie rock, there’s a clear sense that Glue are not trying to be anyone but themselves.

The single itself thrives on its simplicity, not trying too hard to be different or profound and instead focuses on creating a tight, polished track which compliments the group’s talents.The song’s catchy riffs are simple but effective, providing a solid foundation without outstaying their welcome. Equally, Olivia O’Neill’s vocals are captivating yet chilling, drawing you in without pandering for your attention. The result is a track that is dripping in style, yet suggests that Glue still have plenty more to offer us in the future.

It’s still early days for Glue but if Colour Black is any indicator of what’s to come from them, I can see them being ‘stuck’ in many people’s heads for some time. One to watch


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