Review : Green Gardens – I’ve wanted

This song reminds me of summer. Warm peppy undertones are combined with perfectly timed harmonies to produce a glorious sunny track. Green gardens debut single ‘’I’ve wanted’’ is a beautiful example of an alternative pop-rock song.

The song from start to finish is strong. The track opens with a chorus of haunting vocals, the repetitive nature of the opening lyrics creates a hook which entices the listener into a downwards spiral of longing and desire. The bouncy rhythmic beat and up-tempo chords are teamed with this woeful choir throughout the track to act as a constant reminder of lust within the piece.

The fast-paced track fluctuates in speed, going from lively soulful movement to a smoothly flowing slow drop through elongated oohs. The mellow vibes produce a chilled atmosphere. The experimental development with the track creates sunny melodies mimicking 60s pop.

The vocal flare within the track emulates in some respect the polished nature of The Beach Boys and their Pet Sounds album. Like the beach boys, Green gardens have utilized the concept of harmony seamlessly. The intricate placement of each vocal range being similar yet differing enough in pitch produces a hazy fluidity which is perfectly timed.

‘’I’ve wanted’’ is a track perfectly timed for the transition to happier times and warmer weather. The cyclical cycle of harmonies combined with the distinctive focal voice is sheer summer bliss and a track to add to your holiday playlist.

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