Review : Handstand Parade – Beloved

What makes a hit tune? Is it an infectious hook? A million-pound marketing campaign? Or is it simply the potential to please the ears of more than just the music-junkies of your particular scene? It can be a very divided scene, in the music world today. I myself am guilty of sticking within my comfort zone, and often going with the crowd in what I listen to and profess to ‘dig.’ But sometimes there comes a tune that even the most stubborn-eared of music fanatics can’t help but tap their foot to.


When I first stuck on ‘Beloved,’ the latest tune from Reading-based five-piece ‘Handstand parade,’ I didn’t know quite what I was in for. The opening riff, along with sugary drum sound, gave me the indication that what was to come was something of likeness to the current indie-pop movement. That floaty, reverb-packed sound that you find in bands like Blossoms or Pale Waves.

Instead, upon entrance of the vocal track, I was hit by the likes of an infectious-pop-banger.It’s charty, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s brilliantly written, and well produced. It’s got a very playlist-able vibe about it, and yet the little quirks and spins, such as the gritty guitar sound in the solo, keep things fresh and genuinely interesting.

The jangly rhythm guitar combined with the synth have a very clubby vibe to them, which is great. Not a lot of musicians this end of the scene seem to be heading for what is ‘commercial,’ but why not? It works.

The repetitive nature of the song gives it this easy-listening, likeability to it, although at times I did feel as though the instrumental sections could have been snipped down a little more.

The song has excellent potential, it’s one that wouldn’t cause controversy on the party playlist, but still has the quirky personality to stand alone as a showpiece. Keep your ears open.

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