Review : Harlitones – Swirl

With both Gallagher brothers, The Charlatans, Shed Seven and James going stronger than ever, it seems that a love for the 90s never really went away.

Younger bands are still drawing from the era and taking it to a fresh audience. One such band are unsigned Aberdeen trio Harlitones – and their newest single, Swirl, sounds as though lifted right from a Britpop greatest hits compilation – in a good way.

For a band that clearly wear their influences as a badge of honour, Swirl never slips into the derivative.
Sounding like a raucous Ocean Colour Scene, Harlitones have mastered the anthemic quality of Britpop yet still succeed in creating their own signature rock and roll.

But underneath the noisy instrumentation and guitar riffage, there lies a tenderness and subtlety, with twinkly Johnny Marr-esque notes adding nuance to the powerful sound.

The vocals on this track also show the band’s sensitive side. Callum Mcgee’s strained delivery drips with raw emotion and really takes the song up a notch.

It’s easy to imagine Swirl becoming a fan favourite, and with an ever growing following in Aberdeen and beyond, the band’s potential for big things seems in reach.
One thing’s for sure, if they keep writing quality songs as they have here, it won’t be long before everyone knows about Harlitones.

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