Review : Holly Redford Jones – Big Blue Sky

For anyone who wants to listen to a laid back blues influenced jam as the summer comes to an end, Big Blue Sky might be right up your alley.

With a deadly slow tempo that lazes along as you would on a mid afternoon walk, youre treated to relaxed piano and a mix of guitar twanging amongst a soft drumbeat.


The guitars great you with open arms and lull you in with the oh so relaxing smoothness. Twanging along slowly but surely and flourishing where the need arises just to break it up a little.

Holly Redford Jones herself uses her vocals in a way that accentuates the song beautifully. Drifting along with the music and the beat without effort, relaxed as the rest of the track, she knows theres no need for urgency here. Her vocals hit just the right style, a little raspy and a little folk and blues. Almost a little cajun American at times I found.


Her smooth delivery, singing about the Big Blue Skyas though its something to help you relax.

Overall I found Big Blue Skyto be reminiscent of Just Jack with its chilled vibe, though it certainly sets out to be more than a copycat and is the perfect accompaniment to a lazy afternoon.

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