Review : Honours – Gone

What makes a solid indie band? I believe it starts with four talented individuals usually consisting of a vocal, guitar, bass and drums formation and writing songs that make you want to dance. You know who does that? 2018 newcomers ‘Honours’…that’s who! 

To say York’s Honours only formed earlier this year, each member shows they have studied their craft and their indie influences as they have released a well-put-together anthem ‘Gone’, that could entice any Leadmill crowd. Their new track carries a nice blend of artists such as Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian and the kind of upbeat riffs your dad might have a little dance to whilst blaming his kids for his thinning hairline. 


As soon as you press play this track delivers a funky galloping bass and infectious riff heavy guitar. The drums are very rhythmic and the instruments compliment each other nicely, the icing on the cake is Jordan Brown’s confident gritty vocals that gives it extra rawness.

It’s the ‘heaviest’ tune the band have put out so far from their indie pallet, and you cannot fault the production on this track either as everything is crystal clear and the guitar tone is delicious.  The song takes a step back in places to give you a breather, but don’t get too comfortable, because whether its a return to the bouncy chorus or Struan McInnes guitar moments, this song isn’t letting you leave until you’ve enjoyed all three and a half minutes of it. 

There’s been a rise of indie rock throughout the 2010’s, continuing from the love affair many had with the Britpop era of the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s. Those fans should give this number a spin. A lot of music is criticised for not being good anymore and guitars are apparently taking a step back in the technological sphere. However, let me tell you there are musicians like the guys in Honours that are making guitar rock cool again.  

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