Review : Hunger Moon – Oh Friend

The hauntingly deep and striking debut single from Birmingham duo Hunger Moon expertly introduces us to their signature blend of ethereal vocals over powerfully minimal keyboard, guitar and drum beats.

The combination of Natalie Jenkinsstirring delivery and the considered musicianship of James Attwood showcases the bands chemistry that gives Oh Friend the intimate feel that can only be achieved through their stripped back sound.

Whilst Oh Friend is definitely a subtle, nuanced song, it never feels boring or melodramatic. The song holds back for the majority of its duration but this works to keep the listener ensnared and engaged in Jenkinsvoice before the song erupts in a final pay off that will have you replaying the track again and again.

Inspiration for Oh Friend came from Hunger Moons time spent in the cold winter evenings in deep Digbeth, a tone they have mastered perfectly. The song has a palpable bleakness and coldness throughout, creating an affecting atmosphere. Praise has to go to the production on this track that perfectly encapsulates the environment that Hunger Moon were working in, and works to fully complete their vision – in essence the production acts as a third band member, using the studio to enhance the already excellent performances.

Oh Friend is a highly impressive song, especially for a debut single. Its success lies in the band being fully aware of their own intended sound and working hard to achieve it – it is rare for a group to sound so accomplished and direct on their first outing.

Hunger Moon have already been making waves across the independent scene with radio airplay and consistent live shows. Fans of the band can expect more new music in the future and with a band so in tune with each other and a sound so developed and unique, I am sure they wont be disappointed.

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