Review : Jordan Allen – Synchronised / Half Life Lover.

Bolton-based  Jordan Allen have revealed their first release of 2018. The single is titled ‘Synchronised’ with an adjoining B-side also featured, entitled ‘Half Life Lover’. The band have recently seen a huge wave of success, featuring on national radio stations such as Radio X, Virgin Radio and 6Music, and it’s not hard to see why.

The boys, who are playing a string of high profile festivals this summer- including Tramlines, seem to ooze confidence – you can just feel it within the track. It’s probably down to the extensive touring they’ve been doing over the last year or so. After a short hiatus due to writer’s block, the band came back better than ever producing timeless tracks which are sure to get a crowd going.


The main tune, ‘Synchronised’, starts with a gentle backing track with some picked guitar notes over the top. Then Allen’s dominating voice takes over the track with some echoing ‘Oh Oh’s’ featured in between each line. The singers powerful voice helps you feel the music and understand what the song is about – making it accessible to anyone with a feel for rock music. You can also hear a British twang in his voice at times which I believe adds a bit of character to the band – and its something I think works really well in indie music.

After the gentle build up, more energy comes out in the pre-chorus and chorus. The pre-chorus is probably the best part of the tune. It’s more of a typical indie rock tune and it’s a banger of one at that. It then moves to a more broken down chorus where the singer asks “Are we synchronised? Are we hypnotised? By a single point in space and time.”

The band have all the qualities of a good indie rock band. Their verses, to me, have a whiff of The Killers about them and their chorus’ remind me of something similar to The Wombats. Not a bad middle ground to be compared to as an up and coming indie band.

Their B-side track, ‘Half Life Lover’ also showcases the bands ability to produce good songs consistently. This song is a lot rockier in nature and you can really feel the identity of the band – it’s a perfect mix of romance, pain and aggression but with an element of happiness to it – a whirlwind of emotions, one may say. The chord progressions feature a slight off-key element at times and it works beautifully. It’s the sort of thing that gets me pumped when I’m listening to a song.

As a Bury lad myself, I am proud to say that these guys are essentially my neighbours. They’re probably the best thing to come out of Bolton since Fred Dibnah. I hope they can keep up their good work, because if they do, there is no doubt that they will become a huge success in the UK.

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