Review : Jordan Rooker – Lost at Sea

80s dance meets acoustic folk. What an odd, yet strangely satisfying combo. The acrylic lined, bopping beats of the decade of ‘the robot,’ combined with some pretty soulful melodies.

Lost at sea’ is the latest EP from Yorkshire musician Jordan Rooker, and it’s a pretty neat mixture of sound.

The EP opens with the bouncy track ‘What I Need.’ I found myself instantly drawn in to the beat, before discovering the real originality that lies in the complexity of the melody. This was definitely my favourite track on the EP, I think it’s catchy, bouncy, fun and has a definite sense of originality to it.

The tune ‘Shipwreck’ is also a pretty cool example of this odd 80s sound. The riff screams late 20th century, a synth based hook that repeats throughout the song, layered on top of the acoustic, folky, foundations of the tune in a very well thought out way.

One thing I loved about the EP was its constant ability to interest me. The clever combo of a solid beat and a complex melody meant that I wasn’t lost in the sound even for a moment.

The moodiness of the EPs third track ‘dive,’ really is somewhat of a ‘dive’ into the depths of something altogether different. The tune doesn’t rely on a punchy beat, constant hook or repetitive melody to grab your attention. It’s an emotional song, and though it may not be as strong at the other two tunes in terms of commercial value, I think it holds something that makes you want to kick back and just listen to the flow of the music.

In summary, I think the EP is definitely something different. The solid beats grab your attention, and the soulful vocals hold it. It’s a very wacky mix, but it pays off.

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