Review : K A R A – Got my Number

A time capsule has been unearthed. It has the words “Got my Number – K A R A” written on the side. It contains a CD. On this CD is a throwback to the golden age of indie-pop and enjoying the summer for the bevs and the laughs and the music.

The song is strong, it echoes a time when people still had fun listening to and making music. Before music was dominated by egocentric overly serious snobby types, KARA have crafted a track which brings the youthful exuberance back into an indie anthem.


They do this in a few ways, mainly the expert song-crafting. The vocals are sweet, the guitars adventurous and diverse, the bass is solid and underpins the entire track, with the subtle yet fearless drums providing the heartbeat.

Having known the music of the members of this band, this is one of their strongest releases yet. The chorus is infectious and is still stuck in my head, the woops and shouts fill you with an energy which makes you want to join in, the groove makes you want to dance. This track is a home-run, a real charmer.

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