Review : Katy Hurt – See yer later

Singer-songwriter Katy Hurt’s newest single ‘See Ya Later’ is another shining light amongst a generation of artists that could finally see country music break the UK market. This track is impossibly catchy and was born to be on your radio.

‘See Ya Later’ combines the London-based singer’s utterly stunning vocals with some stinging attitude and sass in her lyrics as she tries to shake off the attentions of a desperate lad. The hook is simple and that’s the beauty of it, you’ve got no chance of getting it out of your head.


Hurt comes across as an experienced head on young shoulders, and the maturity of her songwriting could easily trick you into thinking you’re listening to one of the old Nashville greats.

Not to be forgotten, the instrumentation is also top-drawer, complimenting Hurt’s voice perfectly and seamlessly conjuring up pictures of the States in your mind, without ever slumping into cliché or getting a bit corny like plenty of country tracks end up doing. This is the kind of song that the term ‘feel-good’ was made for.

Country has long been something that we thought only North Americans could really ‘get’, but Hurt’s shared childhood on either side of the pond provides a range of influences in her music that makes it accessible to everyone.

With the success of outfits like The Shires providing a brighter spotlight to country over here in Britain, there’s every chance that an artist as talented as Hurt can make it big.

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