Review : Keyhole Company – Carnival Cassette

The London based four-piece Keyhole Company have released their latest offering from the impressive EP ‘Carnival Cassette’ and it’s a belter. ‘Ghost of Ghosts’ has relentless energy to it; no time is wasted getting things going.

The drums kick in and give the track a sense of urgency from the off and make the transition from the jerky verses to big classic rock chorus seems exceptionally smooth.


Drama is the name of the game throughout ‘Ghost of Ghosts’,this is most evident in the chorus. Screeching guitars and gothic harmonies lace the powerful lead vocals, each section complimenting the other splendidly.

It’s the first track I’ve heard in a while which gives off such a sense of grandeur.


Keyhole Company are the go-to band for all your big riff needs right now, throw in some equally big choruses and mean drums and that’s a recipe for some sweet, sweet music.They are a band who have got their sound nailed, they know exactly what kind of music they want to make. On this evidence they have got their position on the scene under lock and key for a while yet.

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