Review : La Fondas – Old Fashioned

Don’t believe the hype? More like don’t forget the ice – the latest tune by La Fondas is one that’ll get you reaching for that club soda and sugar cubes.

With a punchy bassline and a fuzzy guitar tone, ‘Old Fashioned’ is a song that instantly gave me some very punky vibes. The way that the bass cuts through, the stereo mixing, the thrilling, raw sound. Nice.


The shouty performance in the vocal track underlines this punky feel in bright orange sharpie. (other brands of felt tip permanent marker are available)

In the current ‘indie’ scene, there seems to be this fantastic surge of punk flowing back into the sound. In my opinion, this beats the often wishy-washy pop-rock sound that seems to lurk around the top end of the scene.

I like that this exciting sense of rawness is making a comeback, that unmistakable garage sound. La Fondas have really done an ace job here in creating an example of a song that takes influence from that true grit of rocknroll, without sounding outdated… or… ‘Old Fashioned.

The mad guitar solo is just the cherry – or orange peel, or both, depending on the drinker’s preference – on top of an already exceptionally executed cocktail.

I guess you could draw a certain degree of likeness between the drink in question and the song itself. No, it’s not the most complicated and heavily decorated example, but it has that great rocknroll kick to it that we often miss out on these days, and I think that’s what it should be about.

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