Review : Life Aquatic Band ‘Paint It Blue’

From first glance, I was expecting some sort of modern day Rolling Stones rip-off of ‘Paint It Black’ by fanboys, but this couldn’t be more dissimilar.
This song is the chilliest of the chill. It’s the kind of tune that’s best to listen to in your bedroom, all lights turned off, full volume on your best speakers.

The intro sets the mood for the entire 5 minutes of pure relaxation, in which time seems to stop while you’re taken to a dark, cold morning (probably 3AM) and placed on the edge of a cliff at some countryside area in a mystical land. Crazy.

The Sheffield band provide light, subtle vocals which fit perfectly with the relaxed vibe of their music. But it’s the chorus which best boasts the vocal talents of Life Aquatic Band. While the verses are solely male vocals, the chorus is spiced up a bit by adding female vocals in there too. The higher-pitched harmonies of this extra little hint of uniqueness bring us the most heavenly of sounds. These voices are spot on for the chilled-out lyrics of the song. The hook-line ‘paint it all blue, yeah’ is the basis of the whole chorus, it’s simple but effective. That’s probably the best way to describe the whole song actually.

However, I do find that overall, the song is slightly underwhelming. Yes, it definitely has some impressive musical aspects in there. The vibe is good and it sounds cool, but not much more. It doesn’t seem to really go anywhere. Five-minute songs tend to be five minutes long for a reason. It’s got to be special, iconic, or at least have something which makes you go ‘wow’. I just found myself somewhat bored after 3 minutes because by that point, you’ve heard all there is to hear. I’m not saying that the sound is bad at all, but for 5 minutes, it just drags on a little. There needs to be a twist or an interesting variation. An edgy bridge could have done the trick. Just 30-45 seconds of a moody, lower-pitch bridge would’ve been an unexpected contrast providing even more uniqueness to the song, making it worthy of such a long duration.

The outro of the song does show some very clever, weird techniques though. Seemingly using technical recording devices, L.A.B create some trippy, late Beatles-esuqe kind of sounds which seem like parts have been reversed or played back in a stutter-like manner which give a bit of edge to the outro. It’s just a shame that this profound creativity wasn’t as prevalent a little earlier in the song.

These guys are certainly onto something though. Especially as a local, Sheffield-based band as there aren’t any other bands like L.A.B around here at the minute. The track is refreshing, and I’m keen to hear more, but I’d love to hear a little more variety in future releases.

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