Review : Manuka Hive – Slave.

Manuka Hive are one of those Yorkshire bands on the rise that you can’t seem to pigeonhole into a specific sound or genre. Long may it continue. New single ‘Slave’ gets a big thumbs-up from me.

I think the best description I can offer for Manuka Hive is ‘psych-tinged-indie-rock’, but yet again I’m convinced I’ve fallen just short of what exactly this band are.

10 second soundbites transport you to different eras, different bands, and different genres, and it all still seems to hold itself together. ‘Slave’ is no different, as crisp drums couple with warbling guitars, we are introduced to the MH world. It’s a world where their influences are clear, and Manuka Hive don’t try to hide the fact that Tom Petty and Billy Corgan’s works have helped shape a direction for the Yorkshire 4-piece, but by no means does that limit the creativity with which MH work. Yes, they have their inspirations, but there’s progression and development from there that leaves me genuinely enjoying what Manuka Hive have to offer. 

The challenge for a relatively new band, whose debut single was an absolute corker, is how to maintain the quality and reputation you have built.

The answer to that is ‘Slave’.

As guitars and synths slide over one another, interrupted by post-punk-esque vocals and wild 6-string solos, Manuka Hive achieve a trance like state in me through these relentless repeating drum and bass cycles. This is a clever approach to a genre no one has quite worked out what to call it, but I dig it. I dig it a lot.

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