Review : Marquis Drive – Movin On

Marquis Drive’s first foray into original music has been long awaited, and boy was it worth that wait. Their debut single ‘Movin On’ is an absolute anthem, packed with every trick in the book to get you singing and dancing. This is far more than a foot-tapper; you’ll be struggling to stay in your seat when you hear this track.

Being six men strong means that Marquis Drive can bring a lot more to the table than your average indie band, and those extra instruments really count. The organs and horns are what give this song such an incredibly joyous feeling and a truly massive sound.

Not to be forgotten though, what really makes you want to move are the magnificent drums, keeping expert time whilst the rest of us get a bit carried away.

Such good music almost makes the lyrics take a bit of a back seat, but we’ve got to have something to shout, right? That’s where the titular hook comes in; it’s simple and very, very effective.

Movin On’ is sunshine for your ears, and if Marquis Drive carry on bringing out bangers like this regularly, god only knows how society is going to function in a civilised manner.