Review : Matt Scott – Kicking Leaves

Multi-instrumentalist Matt Scott returns with his new single ‘Kicking Leaves’ which features a blend of indie rock and Americana folk, delightfully delivered with dreamy vocals and tones. 

Kicking leaves is a warm Autumnal feeling with a hint of cosy nostalgia, and the warmth which resonates through my ears and body is really expressed by the vocals and ghost-like aura of Kilmarnock’s Matt Scott. No artist has made me feel that way since Mark Kozelek (Sun Kil Moon). There’s something about the Scottish accent I love so much and listening to Matt Scott makes me feel very relaxed like I’m tucked up in bed and he’s telling me a little story. 


Whilst the music for the most part is quite upbeat with a driving drumbeat and climbing guitar, the vocals and lyrics add a melancholic vibe that makes you sit back and think for a while, gazing out of a window on a rainy day. The words and the vocals really give you a Revels bag of emotions, there’s pain, there’s love and there’s that sweet sweet closure of acceptance which I guess is the coffee Revel where you can’t always get what you want.  

If you’re familiar with the works of Frank Turner and of course ‘The Boss’ Springsteen, then the styling of Matt Scott will be favorable to you. This track isn’t just littered with simple acoustic rock oh no, there’s plenty of loud electric leads melting through the courageous choruses. 

It’s not everyday a Scottish music act gets the opportunity to be portrayed around the UK music scene with some names from recent times being The View and Franz Ferdinand. I think it is long overdue and our northern brothers and sisters are really delivering some exciting and well-crafted music right now that really deserves some recognition. 

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