Review : Mint – Nothing Seems to Get Me High

Mint’s 2nd single of 2018 rolls the dice with a two-minute explosion that follows on brilliantly from April’s ‘Superglue’. Grimsby is well and truly on the map with this one…

Mint are evolving. Indie/Pop-Rock has become distorted, warped and thrown screaming into the worlds of rock ‘n’ roll, new-wave punk, and garage rock. The pop sensibilities are still there, mind, but there’s a rawness to ‘Nothing Seems to Get Me High’ that sets this track, and their previous release ‘Superglue’, apart from their back-catalogue.

I’m intrigued. Two-minutes and one second is all you get. A relentless two-minutes and one second that never lets up,  pummels you in the gut with awkward staccato injections of guitar and drums, mixed together with vocals from a poppy realm of a grit factory. Now I’m intrigued and impressed.

But this isn’t just brash, angry, and loud guitar music – there are subtle nuances throughout that make this track, despite being so short, a genuinely interesting listen.

The production on the drums, for one, is unique. It’s crunchy and lo-fi, but still maintains this crushing power a song of this nature needs, and when you couple that with two rolling guitar lines and ebb and flow around each other in the verses, the emphatic chorus rings through almost like a protest chant on speed. And then, after you’re hit not once, not twice, but three times by Mint cutting the power and rebooting their ending, it’s all over. Done. Finito. End of Act II. I hope there’s a final part to this trilogy – it deserves one.