Review : New York Tourists – Skinny Dipping

Part love song and part funky club beat, a Caribbean flavour making me long for the summer more than ever in the dead of winter. New York Tourists single Skinny Dipping is pure fun to listen to, putting your head in a different place entirely. As I write this on a winter night and listen to the track, I desperately want to be on an island somewhere sipping a pina colada instead.

The lyrics link to this theme in the best way possible, detailing how you want to strip down and jump in a warm ocean. The image of stripping down with your mates on a beach somewhere that gets conjured up is wonderful schoolboy cheek at its finest. Drum machines and flourishes of what may be ukuleles somewhere in there reinforce the Caribbean style, with clear influence flowing in from bot reggae and holiday anthems. The song did jump out at me when the jazzy bass kicked in out of nowhere early on. Where I was expecting something that’d play it safe with the club style quickly subverted my expectations with it’s silliness.

The track definitely embraces the fun, never coming off as a serious love song as it describes a heart drawn in the sand and swimming off to an island together. Instead it sticks to a more childlike theme, being both innocent and a little naughty in its own unique way.
Given the right exposure the song could easily blow up and get under people’s skin in the best way. Where fun summer songs such as ‘The Pina Colada Song’ or literally any of ‘The Beach Boys’ wacky catalogue have welded themselves in place as defining beachside songs, I could see Skinny Dipping being up there as a go to beachside anthem for some people.

With some great production value and use of a wide variety of sounds throughout, the tune itself is funky, modern and makes me want to sway. The use of what sounds like some very subtle vocal distortion also gives the song a dreamlike quality which adds to the myriad of details I loved about this song.
Overall I couldn’t find a bad word to say, not overlong or repetitive, and with a defined style, Skinny Dipping is about as good as it gets for me personally.

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