Review: Paisley Sundae – L.U.V

A psychedelic twist of indie pop and ethereal rock. That’s exactly what Paisley Sundae’s latest tune ‘L.U.V’ is.

Paisley Sundae are a fairly new emerging 4-piece band from Barnsley. The band’s sound is a mashup of indie, rocknroll and has a certain twist of psychedelia.

Their latest tune ‘L.U.V’ has some great features, be it the distant, ethereal sound of the mix, or the psychedelic guitar sounds. It’s a song that I really enjoyed listening to.

The song kicks off with a fantastic guitar trill, lavished with reverb. The clean sound of the lead guitar in this song gives it strong contrast to the often overkill of distortion that we hear in a lot of ‘indie’ music these days.

There are some wonderful, well disciplined little guitar licks throughout the tune, and the song is carried well by the clean and skillful vocal performance.

Paisley Sundae have done well with this tune, it’s an ace little single and it has the potential to get you moving. It’s progressive, catchy and sticks well to its routes while branching off in original directions. It could even do with being more concise than it already is, leave the listener itching for more.

I’d recommend taking a listen to these boys, they definitely have something strong behind them. Something original that will do them great favours as they progress further into the scene.

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