Review : Paul Hawksworth – Be The Light.

Music can sometimes try too hard to make you jump out of your seat, often that can be stressful. Occasionally you just want to stick on a laid back, well constructed tune, and appreciate the emotion of it all.

Paul Hawksworth’s debut single ‘Be the light’ is exactly what you’re looking for if you wanna kick back to some soulful sounds, carried by chilling vocals.

It’s ballady, well written and has great commercial value. The use of solid percussion to back up the soft melody gives me some great 90s vibes. It’s progressive and carries with it a great flow.

Paul is described as having a ‘natural and honest’ feel to his music, having reached the finals of the UK songwriting contest in 2017, and receiving crucial praise from platforms such as BBC Introducing. This is a phrase I can entirely agree with. The music doesn’t try to be anything it’s not, it doesn’t put on a front to draw people in, and for this reason you’ll either like it or you won’t. It’s the sort of song that you’ll have to listen to and properly take in to understand.

I liked ‘Be the light,’ despite it being from a genre not usually on my radar. I think Paul has a great idea of what he wants to put out there, and this will do him great favours as he progresses.

Check him out if you want to keep your wits about you.

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