Review : Pleamar – Pleamar

Argentine synth-pop band Pleamar’s self-titled EP is a somewhat frustrating experience. The band have clear talent and their self-titled EP is well produced and made with all the right intentions. Yet there is something missing to it which just annoys you the more you look for it.

In this case, there is a lack of vocals hamstrings  within the EP, to the point that it becomes difficult to ignore. There is certainly a place for instrumental tracks but when the whole EP is made up of them, it significantly limits what it can do.

Tracks such as Mananas and Epidemia are well put together and keyboardist, Federico Valsecchi’s synth work is excellent. However, without any decent hooks or melodies to tie everything together, the songs lose their charm and they can begin to blend into one another. On a more general level, it is hard to get a sense of the band’s identity which makes it difficult for me to get behind them.

That being said, it is important to recognise that this is only Pleamar’s first EP and I think it is clear to see that we have not seen everything they can do just yet. I have every confidence that the band will improve going forward and I would be very surprised if they do not make a name for themselves outside of their native Argentina.

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