Review : PUKK – Feckless

FECKLESS is the title of the debut album from indie rock band PUKK. The band, who hail from Shropshire, consists of just two members – who are a guitarist/lead singer and a drummer. The album is made up of 11 songs which humour several different styles, but it is mainly a relaxing indie rock record.

The band states artists such as Oasis and Nirvana as influences, but I hear Paulo Nutini mixed with an essence of Arctic Monkeys (especially in the fourth track listed, ‘Cabin Crew’ and the ninth track ‘Sunshine Kisses’).

In parts of this album, I can definitely hear the influences of the 1990’s – it can be very brit-pop and casual in its nature. The introduction to ‘After Sun’ is a prime example of this – the gentleness of the guitar strumming in the background combined with anever-so-slightly distorted riff over the top provides the laidback sound the band strives for – without the risk of the chord patterns becoming repetitive.

The lyrics are good but in parts they can get boring, mainly due to how they are pronounced. They can be very monotonous which is a disappointment. It’s a disappointment because if the lyrics were sang with a bit more energy and passion, I personally believe that all these songs would have the potential to be bangers. The fact that most of these tracks are lacking that energy makes me feel like they’re on the edge of becoming a stem of dad-rock. The relaxed attitude makes the album seem very BBC Radio 2, and that it’s more of an easy-listening type album than an indie rock album.

A change in the pronunciation of these lyrics could see this album go from a nice listen to one of the best debut indie rock albums I’ve listened to in recent times. The band have the professionalism to make it in the industry, I just think that they need to add some more of their own seasoning before they’ll get picked up.

There are definitely parts of the albums which stand-out to me. The songs ‘Rank Amateur’, ‘Sleeping Rough’, and ‘Blindsider’ all prove to me that this band have the potential to make exciting songs – but they need to disperse this potential throughout the album, rather than just a few songs.


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