Review : Reclaim Vienna – Paris

Reclaim Vienna’s debut single ‘Paris’ has some fairly promising raw elements, but the band need more time to hone their electro-indie sound and carve out their own unique attributes as a group. 

The last couple of years have seen a marked increase in bands trying to join the crest of a wave of synth-heavy indie that has been propelled to popularity by bands like Blossoms. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, and in plenty of ways it’s a smart move, but there’s always the danger of becoming much of a muchness. 


Reclaim Vienna show on ‘Paris’ that they’re more than capable of making music that packs a punch; their sound is colossal at times and there’s plenty of pace and energy about it, particularly in the drumming. 

However, that effort is let down by the lyrics and the lacklustre synths that it leans so heavily upon. The words just aren’t memorable and don’t have enough of an impact on the song overall, and chucking in the name of a capital city doesn’t change that. This lot have talent though, and I’m confident they can do better than that.

Let’s remember this is Reclaim Vienna’s first release, so they’ve got all the time in the world to grow and develop. It would be great to see something more carefully crafted for their next track, which they definitely have the tools to do, because ‘Paris’ is unfortunately a little bit shallow.

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  1. john hardman

    November 30, 2018 at 1:05 pm

    load of bollocks son,the song is fantastic, the tune is powerful and has superb melody ,a strong beat and the lyrics are very good . like most reviewers,you take your self way to seriously,and in fact,know very little is beyond your small taste. brilliant tune. great band. reviewer .terrible,and trys to hard to be the nme 78.

    • Carl Maloney

      Carl Maloney

      November 30, 2018 at 5:39 pm

      Each to their own. Your entitled to your opinion.

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