Review : Robert O’Connor – No Second Chances

Dublin singer-songwriter Robert O’Connor returned earlier this year from a long hiatus with country-pop single You Found Me; it was a well-produced song with commercial potential, but with No Second Chances, O’Connor seems to have dropped the “pop” aspect and forayed entirely into the country genre.

As someone who is not remotely familiar with country music, No Second Chances isn’t an instant favourite, and probably won’t be for an audience of my age group- but it is still easy to appreciate the heartfelt lyrics and soft instrumentation of the song.


Throughout, a bluesy bass line weaves in and out of a steady drum beat and pleasant acoustic guitar; the chorus melodies seem typical of country music and are easy on the ear. In fact, the whole song is easy on the ear- not necessarily very exciting, but certainly hard to object to. O’Connor’s vocal performance is strong as he sings “and I know you said no second chances, but it’s just too hard to find romance when your heart is holding on to hope”.

The song is delicately bittersweet; for those who appreciate the country genre it’s something I’d recommend, even if it’s not the most riveting of songs.

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