Review : Robert O’Connor – You Found Me

You Found Me is the latest single from Irish singer-songwriter and experienced recording artist Robert OConnor.

It is difficult to define the sort of music OConnor makes; he describes it as Adult Contemporary– whatever that means.

In reality, You Found Me mixes together pop, soft-rock, acoustic country and folk, a blend that would usually would have me running for the hills in fear of a bland mess with no attempt to create something interesting or unique.

This offering, however, is quite the opposite. As is usual with pop music, the chorus on You Found Me is the strongest part of the track, but in the spirit of doing things a little differently, OConnor doubles down on the folk and country aspects of his sound to deliver pleasantly uplifting melodies.

I really liked how OConnor used his authentic Dublin heritage and culture to add to the track in a subtle yet impactful way with sounds adapted from Irish folk music. Whereas other musicians would merely borrow Irish culture for their pop music, (Ed Sheeran, Im looking at you) OConnor delivers an earnest and triumphant song by repurpose those sounds for his art.

There is no pastiche here, only a great pop song with solid instrumentation, a powerful chorus – and, impressively all done by just one man. Robert OConnor is breathing new life into pop music, and is definitely one to watch.

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