Review : Scarlet Fever- Ghost (I Can’t Shake)

Since Blossoms boomed into the indie music scene, Stockport (my own hometown) has cultivated a fairly substantial handful of young musicians and bands all eager to gain a following; Scarlet Fever, a quartet of lads between the ages of 16-19, certainly have the potential to gain that following.

Their new single, Ghost (I Can’t Shake), is a ska-infused indie pop song that doesn’t simply mould itself to a certain sound like a lot of guitar bands tend to do nowadays.


The verses are carried by a rhythmic guitar and slap bass hitting off beats, ska-style, and it’s impossible not to tap your foot. The chorus is moody yet infectious, with similarities to Kaiser Chiefs’ earlier works; Louis Clark’s vocals are almost spoken word rather than sang, and it emphasises the song’s ska-punk style. It’s an interesting genre for a band so young to be reminiscent of, but definitely an impressive decision and one that helps the band stand out from the likes of most indie pop groups.

Lyrically the Ghost (I Can’t Shake) is simplistic but this doesn’t detract from how evocative it is; using metaphors of being haunted by the ghost of a past lover is hardly a new concept, but the spoken style in which Clark delivers it makes it feel like the narration of a story you can’t help get sucked into rather than simply a cliché. Scarlet Fever are certainly a band with great potential, and I’m eager to see what they come up with next.

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