Review : The Silverfish ‘Fish Disco’

Firstly when I got sent this track through I couldn’t take the name of the tune or band seriously I mean I know it should be all about the tune and what message that portrays but in this day and age and current record industry climate it doesn’t work like that. Imagery and initial impact is crucial.

So putting that to one side I gave the tune a spin.

Straight away I thought the first 5 seconds of guitar didn’t really need to be there, I would have just gone straight into the intro of chords so Initially I thought I wasn’t going to like this song at all, it screamed amateur but as soon as the funky wah baseline kicked in my ears pricked up, I’m a sucker for a good baseline so I was ready to listen to the rest of the song. The vocals then kicked in and unfortunately for me I just didn’t like the style of singing. This isn’t me saying he can’t sing, not at all but the vocal just didn’t work for me. Musicality wise the band are great for that funk/disco/ska feel.


When the verse went into the off beat section I got what they were doing then it goes back into this cool funky baseline which worked well. Then for some bizarre reason it completely changed into some sort of indie tune. It sounded like 2 completely separate songs had just been thrown together. I liked both parts as a separate entity but not in one song it just didn’t work.

I listened to this track 3 times and still couldn’t get past the vocals and understand what the lyrics where about. Lyrics is the number one thing for me and all the songs that I’ve written have been based on the lyrics and I couldn’t grasp what this song was about at all. I’d like to give another song by this band a go because I can see that there’s a potential there.

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