Review : Sisteray – Sisteray Said

An extravagant opener with some crude lyrics open Sisterays EP with heavy-handed style. With lyrics such as shoving **** up your noses, there’s some tongue in cheek here though just to counteract that crudeness.

The overall message behind Wannabesis about that particular breed of girl on a night out, we all know the one. The song itself is a great culmination of bouncy bass, crunchy guitar, thumping drums and British tinted vocals.

Rumour Millis a different flavour entirely. A lot more nuanced with its tribal drum and percussion accompanied by a repeating bass line. With the full song not actually kicking in till the chorus, it makes the chorus feel more like an explosion than a change in time. Its good fun to listen to, although the guitar licks in the chorus did feel slightly by the numbers, but thats just me. For the most part I enjoyed the merits of Rumour Mill, such as its great use of bass guitar and extended bridge.

The third track Algorithm Prisonfeels very, very, punk rock. With the Brit vocals not being the only thing channeling the Sex Pistols I think. Though it doesnt spread into full bore punk as theres plenty of polish on Algorithm Prison. The track certainly feels like controlled chaos and is definitely something to jump and chant to.

Finally we have the title track, Sisteray Said. Catchy chorus, great use of guitar which Sisteray use as their main channelling point within their music. The song thumps at breakneck speed into the closing moments with some amazing flourishes right throughout the song.