Review : Sollo – What Have We Got?

What Have We Got?, the debut single from Sollo, is a solid first effort from the Manchester group albeit one that is ultimately undermined by a lack of identity. The band cite a large number of influences ranging from The Sex Pistols, Black Sabbath and even early Oasis but with so many influences, its difficult to determine what the band want to be. I get the sense that they are going for a more punk aesthetic but I dont think that What Have We Got? offers the best reflection of that.

The track itself is by no means bad but it does not offer much to separate itself from the crowd. Technically, the track is very rough around the edges and definitely needs a few more runs through editing. The vocal work in particular leaves much to be desired as whilst its the sort of thing you could probably get away with live, it is an issue that becomes glaringly apparent on the recording.

I am ultimately left unsure as to whether Sollo are just another distinctly average rock band or a rough diamond that just needs a bit more polish. Given that this is their first single, I would like to go with the latter as I imagine they will only get better with time. However, if you are not really into the heavier side of indie-rock, this is probably one to miss out on.

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