Review : Southern Skies – Shining through the cracks

Shining Through the Cracks’ is the debut single from Sheffield based band Southern Skies. Having formed only just this year, the band’s debut track isn’t a crackly home-produced demo but instead a slickly produced affair.

Singer Tom Whitehead opens the track declaring, “Do you believe in what you see and what you preach” and then come the stomping drums and heavy guitars carrying the track throughout the songs’ 3 minutes. Southern Skies state themselves on their social media that they are big fans of big riffs and catchy chorus’, with the ambition to recreate a huge sounding track being evident through their energetic guitars and raw vocals.

There’s nothing particularly weak about the track, ‘Shining Through the Cracks’ is on the whole a safe debut. While Southern Skies no doubt bring a punch with their guitars they haven’t quite managed to create huge stadium filler of a rock track just yet.

This isn’t to say the track is a write off. As Southern Skies are a band appearing to still be in relative infancy, there’s still plenty of time to progress and craft their own signature sound. If anything, Southern Skies’ biggest setback is that they haven’t had much time yet to work on their sound making. ‘Shining through the Skies’ feels overall quite impersonal.

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