Review : Sugar Jesus (Feat. Kaia) – Never Been Hurt.

Sugar Jesus, the one piece electro slow jam outfit Andrei Basirov brings a hypnotising piece with Never Been Hurt.

Based between Vancouver and London, Sugar Jesus is certainly an eye-catching name on the surface, but does the music live up to the name? Short answer, you’re damn right it does.

A pulsing beat with a mix of drum machine and a whole array electro instruments and notes make up the core of the track. With a literal pulsing sound carrying the song right through, ebbing and flowing through all but the opening verse and chorus. Harmonious in its opening, keeping it simple, with only a small amount of instrumental sound accompanying Kaia McTernan‘s vocals.

The real song kicks in after that first chorus, adding in the drum machines, strings, piano, and extra synth to hypnotise you completely. At this point the collaboration with Kaias vocals echo the background as they belt out the anthem of the song. With some added vocals sprinkled in, dropping in more baritone notes to contrast the generally high sound of the rest of the song.

The track as a whole is hypnotic in its delivery, swaying slowly, or moving like the tide as the music comes and goes. Every element of the song bar its foundation fades and builds as the song pulses. Anyone who’s ever listened to the waves crash and withdraw on a beach will know the kind of pattern I’m thinking of. Though the song never once uses a sample of waves, it certainly felt like I’d listened to that same kind of sound. The track is probably one of the most entrancing and hypnotic things I’ve heard through this year, and it left me feeling dreamy.

The instruments are the standard variety of studio sampling and electric beats, put together wonderfully in this case to make the dreamy sound I’ve been raving about. Andrei knows his stuff when it comes to production thats for sure, and he backs it up with a relaxed delivery.

The vocals themselves are fairly standard, relaxed, dreamy and eventually chanted spectacularly in the final chorus. With the powerful backing from Kaia, she ends up bringing the house down with her delivery.

Sugar Jesus brought an RnB tinged hypnotic banger with this one, inspiring in its idea of moving on from past love affairs. All building to a finish that is completely euphoric.
A song thats as smooth as butter, it succeeds in its mission to have you feeling good and relaxed.

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