Review : Teeff – Wasting Time

An ode to the lost art of getting shit done, ‘Wasting Time’ is a clear indication of Teeff’s philosophy. There’s only two of ‘em, and so far their releases have embodied an air of no-fuss rock ‘n’ roll minimalism. And this song resembles a mission statement, ideas as words – Teeff showing their teeth, as it were.

It’s easy to make toothless puns, but in this case, it feels sort of okay to do so. It genuinely sounds like Teeff have a laugh when they’re playing together, and this bleeds over into the recording. It’s infectious.
The band can turn on a crown, flipping between a Sabbath crunch, and lighter, wirier guitar work. The fuzz in the pre-chorus is vicious, while the anthemic, dancing lead guitar riff is ripped straight out of The Edge’s playbook – albeit with edges torn and text smudged.

The verses are straight rock ‘n’ roll, and while Ryan Boulter’s vocal isn’t as impassioned as on, say, ‘Captain Vere,’ it’s still pretty memorable.

Winding the thing around a core of manic tension are endless layers of distortion and grit that unravel upon further listens, wedded to an undercurrent of sweeping white noise. In this, ‘Wasting Time’ provides a shift from Teeff’s solid blues-centric perch into denser, more subtly experimental waters.

It takes a surgeon’s touch to pack so much depth into a 3-minute single, but Teeff do so without fuss, like they don’t even know that it’s supposed to be a difficult thing to do.

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