Review: Ten Eighty Trees – Something Feral

A melodic mashup of rock, pop and retro dance music. What a mixture, you’re not quite sure whether to do ‘Big fish, little fish’ or throw yourself around the room like a toddler who’s been let loose on the blue M&Ms.

The bass in ‘Something Feral’ is well structured, disciplined and punchy. The way it plays on the offbeat has serious 80s vibes to it, so do the clean-cut-screeches in the vocals and the sparkling lead guitar licks.

The song is feral, it’s wild, the heaviness of the crunchy guitar tone compliments the style very well, although it’s a rather odd mix. I like it, it’s got something different about it.

The song has some aspects of it that have a really live vibe, a really energetic style. The production compliments this well, giving the song the power to make you want to move.

I like the interesting mix of styles in this song, I only felt a longing for a more of a different section in the song, something to really contrast, but the way this song loops around and gets in your head works extremely well for Ten Eighty Trees.

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