Review : The Assist ‘Give It To Me’

The Assist jam-pack an immense amount of energy and feeling into their new single, ‘Give It To Me’. This is truly a full and complete song which, from start to finish, holds my attention completely.
The track is immediately compelling, with catchy backing vocal ‘do-do-do’s planting themselves in the brain. I can already tell I’m going to be humming along to this intro for at least a week. It’s a pleasantly ‘old-fashioned’ device considering the modernity of the tune in general, but it  sounds superb.

The first verse kicks in and to be honest, the first thing I noticed was the bloody strong accent on this lad. Brummy. Strong, pure Brummy. We’ve hardly heard such solid accents in music since early Arctic Monkeys records. I had to double check just to make sure The Assist weren’t a band made up of Peaky Blinders characters. It’s not an accent that I would naturally lean towards for vocals but it works. It adds real flavour to this electrifying, upbeat head-banger.

The body of the track feels youthful and modern. It’s calm and settling with light guitars and a basic drum beat, pleasantly contrasted with the more hard-hitting vocals and the no nonsense, straight-forward lyrics. My main criticism would be in the lack of diversity between verses, but in all it doesn’t detract too much.

A chorus with a bit of attitude, heavier drums and a groovy bassline is a chorus that I enjoy. Fortunately, these Walsall lads smash these boxes with a massive tick. It’s a catchy, and you can never go wrong with ‘call and response’ backing vocals!

The standout here is a 30 seconds break of emotive and unexpected spoken word. Impressively-written and lyrically intelligent; it’s political and socially aware, referring to serious issues such as lack of choice and poverty.

This song has a sing-along vibe to it. It’s atmospheric. It’s a tune that you could imagine being incredible live, with a room full of people jumping about and singing it back.
Have a listen to ‘Give It To Me’. “By order of the Peaky Assist!”

Here is our interview with the lads during festival season.

Reyt Good Music at Mos Fest 2017 : With The Assist

Carl joined The Assist down at Mos Fest in Sheffield recently, there is nothing better than a band ready to burst onto the scene and have confidence. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE For all the latest #ReytGoodMusic please subscribe to our channel.


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