Review : The Brookes – Man Up

Its always impressive to see bands using their platform in positive ways to raise both awareness and money for great causes, especially when it comes to the issue of male suicide, the leading cause of death for men under 45.

In support of mental health charity the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), Grimsby group The Brookes are releasing their newest single Man Up!, building on their already diverse repertoire of tracks covering themes of feminism, politics and modern life all delivered through a fantastically raw punk sardonicism.

Whilst shouting about the Queen will always remain an essential part of punk rock, there is a lot to be said for punks ability to convey positive messages in a way that can appeal to a diverse range of people. That said, the irony of punk can sometimes be lost on those who dont get the intended shockfactor. Even the title of this track, Man Up!, is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

So with the steadfast punk philosophy ticked off the list, how does the instrumentation hold up from this young band? Lets just say it holds up marvellously. Every member puts in a performance to be proud of; the track wastes no time opening with a noisy riff and vocals that come crashing in to grab you by the collar until the three minute number is done.

The track drips with character and even on record their energy and enthusiasm shines through the raw and fuzzy distortion that suits The Brookes so perfectly. As an already well-loved live act this provocative track is sure to be another crowd pleaser with its call and repeat chorus refrain of Man Up! Man Up!giving the song instant recognisability and catchy charm.

I would absolutely recommend you listen to this single, and everything else by the band whilst youre at it; The Brookes are one of the best young bands in independent music at the moment so get on board or get left behind. And at the end of the day – its all for a good cause.

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