Review : The Darlies – Autumn Leaves

A repetitive driving start to Autumn Leaves by The Darlies gives it that ‘me in leadmill circa 2009 jumping around to indie anthems chucking bottles of VK about’ type feel. In reality I’m sat in my pjs and it’s Monday night, but still, the feeling was there.

It reminds me of old school bloc party, or even early days Circa Waves. It’s catchy, and the more I listened to it the more I began to whistle along. Lyrically, it’s cleverly put together with how negative they are, but naturally contradicts itself by actually being quite upbeat, again relating itself to a classic indie anthem, which I’m almost positive The Darlies must have been aiming for, because if not, then I’m sorry lads you’ve stumbled well and truly into that world, and to be fair, you should stick with it, because it’s working.

The instrumental has a nice pace to it that you can imagine a crowd loving, which is what you want for a track really, for it to be able to translate live. The recording itself is a decent quality, and for a first single, about reyt for what you would expect, if a bit more money was spent here and there, the drums could really crack through and the driving quality I mentioned before would turn it into even more of a banger. Never the less, great first effort, definite anthem, looking forward to seeing how they follow it up, and develop their style further.

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