Review : The Flavians – On The Radio

German outfit The Flavians’ debut single ‘On The Radio’ is a glittering indie pop track with a relaxing and dreamy aesthetic. There’s nothing overly complicated here but that’s the beauty of it; ‘On The Radio’ is the kind of song that transports you to a simpler, more serene place.

The track is characterised by its spaced-out and delicate production which creates a classic sound, and instantly makes you think back on your youth with fondness, no matter how old you are.


Led by a gentle guitar riff and some pretty piano notes, the bass and drums are kept distant to allow the brilliant lead vocals and beautiful harmonies to shine. The vocals are on another level entirely to what most bands in this genre would go with, there’s so much more passion than you would expect to hear from an indie pop band.

In contrast to its chilled out vibe, the track tells the story of a reckless driver destroying both their car and their limbs after trying to phone in to a radio show whilst behind the wheel. The lyrics are easy to follow and lead into a catchy and memorable chorus, and of course it’s always impressive when a band can write in their second language.


The Flavians have a timeless sound and they do it incredibly well, so there’s no doubt in my mind that the Berliners have a big future ahead of them.