Review : The Gallerys – It’s up to you.

The Gallerys is a name I’ve heard popping up here and there all over online music scene recently. Having recently checked them out on facebook, I’d gotten a real mashup of vibes from the band. A pleasant mixture of ‘that’s what I call 60s’ and the boy next door look didn’t cause too much of a stir to my eye, but with their latest EP ‘It’s up to you,’ I’m sure the boys will be causing just that in time to come.

The EP opens with bluesy, punky, statement track ‘Over The Bridge.’ It’s very raw, has a very live sound and is brilliantly structured. It’s not too experimental, but that isn’t a bad thing. It takes a lot of features of the familiar music of the past and mashes them together to create something that you just can’t quite pin down to one genre. There are some serious undertones vibes in there with the chanty vocals and bluesy layout, giving it some real exciting qualities.

My favourite of the 3 tracks on the EP is the second in line, title track: ‘It’s Up To You.’ It’s very 60s, fitting with the recording location of the recording being the legendary Abbey Road Studios. Without stating the obvious, it sounds very Abbey Road-y. It’s got that lively, raw sound about it and the 60s stereo in the production would fool any of the lesser trained ear into believing that these tracks are the lost demos of some obscure 60s beat-group. The song itself has some very original qualities, however. The middle eight section of the song is an ace breakdown with some fantastic bass work.

This 60s sound is carried into the third track on the EP ‘Doctor Friend.’ The guitar, bass and bluesy layout just screams mid 20th century. It’s carried by its fantastic and disciplined guitar solo, and the punky, spunky vocals give it some extra excitement, they give it this wacky-weird vibe that fits very well with the overall style of the band.

I’d definitely recommend taking a listen to the EP, it pulls of the 60s vibe very well without being too generic and the musicianship is brilliant. I’m looking forward to seeing what the boys come up with next.

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