Review : The Garage Flowers ‘Hello Tango’

There’s always a sort of magic that comes with listening to a song that sounds raw, that keeps its soul. It seems today that a lot of what used to make music exciting is washed away in the recording process, like Kim Woodburn has been in there with some pungent industrial concoction and mopped away all the grime that often can be the soul of the song. That’s why I suddenly got a sickening sense of nostalgic excitement when I took a listen to ‘Hello Tango,’ the latest single from The Garage Flowers. All that good stuff is still there.

The track opens with the thud of the bass drum, not overplayed, just naturally there. We’re then taken into this classic, dirty guitar riff; it’s almost sexy in its simplicity. The funkiness of the rhythm of the song combined with the stripped back sound really makes it stand out, almost giving you the illusion that you’re listening to the band perform live.

The song takes you back to the rebellious 70s punk-rock movement, mixing in a little bit of the feel of an ‘American Classic’ in the guitar and drum sound. The vocals compliment this feel nicely, flowing in a drunken, slurry way that could be compared to the likes of Elvis Costello, but sounding fresh none the less.

The song is, returning to my earlier point, sexy. The tempo in combination with the flow of the vocals, a lyrical call out to a misbehaving individual, make the song one that instantly gets you tapping along and wanting to join in. It’s bouncy, free flowing and infectious.

On the subject of the lyrics, the well thought out rhyming structure of the lyrics tell this story nicely, using the repetition of couplets such as ‘Shoplifter, shapeshifter’ and ‘Job seeker, rough sleeper’ throughout the song.

Taking a look at the band in their music video for the tune confirms my sense of the rebellious punk-rock feel. Their unclean, messed up hair, shameless look is one that isn’t seen much anymore. It’s not an easy one to pull off, but I think that these guys are genuine in the ‘we don’t care’ attitude that they give off.

Though the structure of the song may be repetitive, and without much of a contrasting section throughout, I don’t think that this matters. The excitement and sense of rebellion given by the feel of the song as a whole are enough to make it stand out in a way that makes me want to listen to it over and over. It doesn’t sound like anything else that’s coming out of the scene today, and I find that thrilling.

I recommend heading over to youtube and taking a listen to the song, as well as watching the music video for a full feel of what these guys are all about. I’m gonna keep an eye or two on this band, and so should you.

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