Review : The Harlers – Heart of Gold

Funny story, last time I reviewed The Harlers I called their style ‘bluesy, filled with soul and packing a heart of gold’. And it’s safe to say that nothing has changed.

Getting back into the swing of things, I remembered the reason I loved the sound so much. Starting off with the heavy guitar that blasts out in a low strung way that emotes the British equivalent of Motown.

The lyrics and vocals are playful, with the signature muffled style that The Harlers use to great effect once again. With a song filled with so much bass and and low notes the vocals provide a nice lift to the song that stop it from getting too bogged down and sluggish.

One thing I was not expecting on the track was a breakdown, taking the bass even lower whilst the vocalist comes in with a borderline scream into the mic. As a lifelong fan of punk and hardcore I bloody loved this and had a huge grin when I came back for even more listens to the track. It really does come out of nowhere and tops the song off with a nice heavy climax.

Heart of Gold doesn’t stray from the style The Harlers established with their debut EP, and that’s fine with me. The Harlers have leaned into their strengths with Heart of Gold, turning things up to eleven and following up with more of what made their Morning Light EP so great.

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