Review : The Kicklips ‘She’s Got Me’

Today I listened to She’s Got Me by The Kicklips, and I liked it. With over 15 thousand views in a little less than a week having played only a handful of shows and a modest social media following, for a growing indie pop trio it looks like everything might be coming up Milhouse with their latest release.

She’s Got Me is a fun and upbeat expression of teenage love with the 60s inspired bass movement you’ll be humming at supermarket checkouts for weeks to come.

It’s the type of song that takes you back to stolen summers drinking cider in fields near your parent’s house, trying to grab a handful of breast before you go on to realise you’re actually a massive puff. You can almost feel the acid reflux if you reminisce hard enough.


The video is worth watching for The Inbetweeners moments. A rag-tag bunch of lads pissing around. It’s predominantly filmed in Gosforth Valley, what used to be the largest privately owned housing estates in Europe. Pure teen suburban realism, with a shameless bright yellow 1.4 VW Lupo to boot. Skinny people eating McDonald’s. Singing into a BT Telephone box receiver.

It’s catchy. The guitarist has a wondrous afro. It’s a love song that makes doesn’t make you want to sit with a glass of red wine and reflect on the past, for a change. The recording quality isn’t quite there, but I expect they know that and it’s early days yet.

In closing, I would recommend this to friends and colleagues.

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